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Just finished packing for the International Series over in Stanley. The highlight of the season for most, including me, I'm sure. The crowds and atmosphere makes the event unique.

The feeling of pride and passion when you take to the rink playing for your country is second to none - a feeling most sports men and women feel when they are lucky enough to be able to say they stepped out representing their country.

I'm looking forward to catching up with some friends and enjoying the experience and will report in my next Blog how it all goes.

Look out Stanley.........................here come the Girls!!!

'Ever the faith 'and passion' endures, England, my England'


Well its been a very hectic January and February so far.

Fabulous time at Potters - and more about the charity night I played in later - but its was a lovely time with Parents - Ali Merrien - Eleanor Gass - and of course the Crown Green gang arriving for the launch of Superbowl (again more on that later).

Then I went straight from there to Hayling Island for the Champ of Champs finals - some 300+ miles - managed to get to the Semi Finals there and just lost to 20 - but so so pleased my buddie Julie Leake went on to win the final.

Then from there straight back to the International Open at Blackpool Newton Hall - where 14 hour days and great bowls greeted me - and none more so than the final between Paul Foster MBE and Alex Marshall MBE - an epic - Paul was fantastic - and what a couple of great guys for the sports ambassadors.

Then its been York and Cumbria for rounds of nationals and events - with a little bit of junior coaching thrown in. And poor Richard has found himself taxi driver and coach and brew getter and chief supporter.

So one hectic start to the season.

Next Blog will be on the launch of Superbowl 2014 - something I have been working on for most of my life in one way or another - trying to promote Crown Green - and getting it on mainstream tv. At this point I must thank the WBT for seeing the possibilities and huge thanks to Danny Barwise and Chris Brown - for all their work behind the scenes for the last two years - and taking on the role of 'ambassadors' for  Crown Green Urs!!!!!!

Exciting year ahead for all!!!


Hi all - well, as usual, December has proved rather hectic. Fitting in Nationals and International trials and the likes.

Just a couple more things in the diary before Christmas then a few days off before a trip to Spalding Open then full on to Potters followed by the Champ of Champs. Its all go.

Found out Monday I have been selected to represent England at Stanley in 2014. So that was a lovely early Christmas present. Never a prouder more honourable moment than when you step on that rink to represent your country.

Working hard too - watch out in January for some new things being announced.

Don't forget over Christmas to have a look at your diary for June. The TLH event is booking up nicely and is sure to be a great week at a fabulous venue.

Meanwhile if you cant wait till June for a trip - why not come to Blackpool for the International Open in February and watch the stars - up close an personal!

" The International Open 2014 is again being hosted by Blackpool Newton Hall. The event runs from Sunday 2nd February to Friday 7th February. Great Christmas present - book your tickets now on 01253 301447. Alex Marshall MBE wowed the crowds at the venue last year with an impeccable bowls performance and took the Co-operative Funeralcare International Open title 2013 - who will step up to take the title in 2014? Be there to see for yourself - For tickets and details of times contact Newton Hall now!"

Whatever - have a great Christmas and New year!



Well what a roller coaster of a month it has been. Just had time to sit and update you all.

At the weekend I took part in the Potters Ladies World Match Play qualifiers and was delighted to get through - supported by my better half, my parents and by Alison Merrien my close friend who travelled over from Guernsey to support me and the event (as she is already qualified for the finals - being runner up in last times final).

Then I hot footed it over to Stanley Indoor Bowls Club where the first ever Co-operative funeralcare England v Scotland Ladies test match was held. I had been, out of the blue, asked to do the commentary by the production company involved and thoroughly enjoyed the experience - though the schedule was grueling - hardly time to catch my breath. Two nine and half hour days of talking bowls. All featured on Premier Sports and also now on Virgin 551!

And what bowls we were treated too - all good for the women's game and fantastic to be part of.

Now time to catch my breath and do the washing and ironing - fit in a few games of bowls and then off to Perth for the Scottish International open. You can find this on BBC Scotland - the coverage is extensive and there will be regular result and gossip updates!!!

Great times meeting new people - new contacts - supporting bowls - playing bowls.

Next update will be from the lovely city of Perth!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Great news for Crown Green.

The finals of the £15,000 Waterloo Men's Championship will be streamed live all
day on Wednesday 18th September.
The programme will be produced by GLOBEGIG MEDIA TV. It will be free to view and you can see all the action from 9.45am onwards.
The live stream is being funded by the owners of the Waterloo in conjunction
To access the programme on the day click on the link below




Welcome Back

Well the indoor season is upon us once more and I’m looking forward to the season ahead. The bowls breaks for 2014 are booking up well and my diary is filling fast for the next six months of indoor competition.

First up for most competition players will be the WBTs World Qualifiers. I’m off to Bromley this year. They say a change is as good as a rest. Looking forward to seeing some new faces and looking forward to playing with Pat Briscoe in the pairs and eating cake with his better half Vicky.

Then all the planet bowls stuff kicks off, virtually an event every weekend. Good luck to all who can make these events and support the people and clubs involved this season.

I also have the premier 3s to look forward to at Stanley and I know a few are coming to watch me on Wednesday 2nd October. New format for me and all good experience.  I for one love the Stanley surface and always get a good turn out to watch and shout me on. It’s the northern air you know ;-)

Right that’s it for now as off out for a practice session.  Be good. Enjoy the season. Follow the blog and enjoy.

If you want to get in touch just holler!


I was delighted to have been asked by the WBT to support and attend the Co-Operative Family Fun day at Chester race course on Sunday 7th July. And what a 'full on day' it was. We simply never stopped all day and it was fabulous to have so many young children keen to 'have a go'. Here is the official report from the event:

Scorching Sun at Co-Operative Fabulous Fun Day Chester

From Brendon Cole to Malcolm the Chester Zoo Meerkat Mascot. From Warrington Wolves Rugby to face painting. What a treat all had in store at the Co-Operative groups Chester Family Fun Day.

And none more so than the team from the World Bowls Tour who set up a Dales Short Mat for ‘come and have a go’ sessions, that were greeted by swarms of people throughout a packed day.

Richard Maddieson CEO of the World Bowls Tour said ‘I don’t think any of us expected such a great turn out to come and have a go at bowls and to see the youngsters getting involved and coming back for more was fabulous.’

One of the supporting bowlers, manning the stand at the event, was England International Janice Gower. Janice helped out all day giving coaching and advice to the throng and providing the live radio, from Dee radio at the event, with a guest interview and coached the radio presenters at the game, ‘It is fantastic to give some of the support back to the Co-operative Funeral care, without who’s support for the game we wouldn’t have some of the main stream coverage we do, so to give some time up to give a little back goes without asking, but to have just so many having a go made for a great day for the game’.

Merseyside Crown Green star Danny Barwise gave up some of his time to support the event and the WBT stand. ’Thanks to the Co-Operative and the WBT for the invite, it was great to get involved and give support to a company who really supports both codes of bowls right from the top to grass roots level. The fact that the game has such a sponsor and the support they provide helps to get some TV coverage, is vital for the future generations of the game.’

The third volunteer bowler for the day was Blackpools own Sue Kearsley. Not only a national champion in her own right but part of the management team that run the Newton Hall complex that plays host to the Co-Operative Funeral cares International open and Tour card finals events. ‘I really can’t believe how many people came to have a go. It was full on all day. We didn’t even get a chance to see some of the other things going on on the site as we were simply nonstop. It was a pleasure to see so many people and to have been here to support the Co-Operative Funeralcare’.

Throughout the day Richard Maddieson had target bowls sessions played with the winners receiving free finals tickets to Co-operative funeralcare International Open of their choice. The first such event was won by an eleven year old girl who thoroughly enjoyed having a go and beamed when she realized she had won. The second was won by a father who just picked up a bowl and hit the target first time, ‘Being able to take my son to a TV bowls event will be great, we watched it in February on TV on the blue carpet and he has wanted to have a go since then, so this was a fabulous opportunity for the family. To go on and to win for them makes it even better. Thank you.’ Needless to say a good day was had by all.



'A Ray of Sunshine in Torquay.'

While outside the weather was ‘inclement’ to say the least, inside the impressive TLH indoor bowls arena at Torquay the atmosphere was sunshine and smiles all the way.

Janice Gower welcomes the Torquay 2013 Group




England International Janice Gower was guest host of a week of bowls at the TLH venue and players came from all over to enjoy the midweek break.

And what a week it was – the bowling all round was of a great standard and none more so than that in the final game of the week between Malcolm Morris (Ammanford, South Wales) and Ray Smith (Cannock, England) and it literally came down to the last bowl of the last end where Ray has only seven inches of room to draw to make two shots and tie the game up. He steered his last bowl round a short bowl and sat right next to the jack which meant the points for that individual game gave him the week’s top reward of a crystal clock. Organized Fun events and Quizzes gave the group a wonderful week, with also plenty of time to explore the facilities on site and take in the lovely surroundings of Torquay.

All the bowlers commented at the end of the week on how they enjoyed the whole event and in particular the disabled bowlers congratulated TLH on the way they catered for them. The event truly proved the game is a sport for all with able bodied, disabled and wheelchair players all enjoying the camaraderie of the week.

Ray Smith collects the Crystal Clock from Janice Gower












Next year’s week break is the 9th to the 13th June and TLH have managed to keep the incredible price at the same level as this year. Bookings are already going well and it looks like 2014 will have smiles all round as well. For further information or to join the break please contact Terri Kennard on 01803 400108.


Well has summer finally landed? I do hope so!

I take a couple of months off bowling to fit some work in.

Take a look at the Torquay event coming up in a couple of weeks. fantastic holiday in the sun with some bowling thrown in and I personally cant wait to catch up with all my wheelchair and disabled friends!

Also take a look at the PBAs ideas and new web page. They are after feedback from the members about the idea of introducing a ladies qualifier for the match play!

Interesting times ahead with Nationals changing to mostly weekends and all the planet bowls events ta boot - the diary is looking hectic already!

Right sun and garden for a few hours.



Been a great weekend with excellent bowling. Time for a relax and chill. Roll on the next indoor.

Will be updating blog weekly up to the next event and then hopefully again live.

Be good people!!!


Sunday 12th May

Finals: Phil Last v Gary Smith 3-10 5-6

Neil Smith v Billy Jackson 5-6 3-9

Neil Smil beat Robert Gordon 8-7 9-6 and Billy Jackson just scraped through against Brett Arkley 7-7 8-7

The man from Stanley Graham Smith had a cat and mouse game against the youngster from Spalding Matt Whyers but came out victorious and sets up a final later today against Phil Last.

First game up was a game of cat and mouse with Phil Last comin up with two outstanding last bowls to take the game and the first place in the final.

All set by set results are live now on World Bowls Tour Facebook page - literally from rink side.

If the games go like this all day the packed crowd is in for some exciting stuff!


Friday 10th May

The day finished with one helluva performance by Neil Smith to beat Belfasts Gary Kelly.

And so to Saturday morning to finish off the first round draw then in the afternoon we have TV setting up ready for Sunday.

A good days bowls - what will the next chapter have instore.

Watch this space.

Tour Card One:
Danny Denison v Danny Brown - 5-8 10-5 2-0

Adam White v Philip Last - 3-10 5-9
Gary Smith v Graeme Sloan - 13-2 7-6
Matthew Whyers v Mark Harding - 10-3 9-3
Tour Card Two:
Gary Kelly v Neil Smith - 6-8 3-10
Steve Roberts v Robert Gordon - 9-8 4-9 0-2
Daniel Gough v Billy Jackson - 9-9 3-10
Brett Arkley v Scott Edwards - 3-11 9-7 2-0

Thursday 10th May

The day before and all the set is ready to go - full WBT set for this years Tour Card Play offs!! Exciting times!

Practice sessions are in full flow and the players arriving and checking in.

Blackpool weather is a bit rough outside - but its nice and cosy rink side.

Will update scores on here when I can - good luck to all playing.

Tour Card One:
Danny Denison v Danny Brown - 6pm
Adam White v Philip Last - Sat 10am
Gary Smith v Graeme Sloan - 10am
Matthew Whyers v Mark Harding - Sat 10am
Tour Card Two:
Gary Kelly v Neil Smith - 6pm
Steve Roberts v Robert Gordon - 10am
Daniel Gough v Billy Jackson - 2pm
Brett Arkley v Scott Edwards - 2pm


Wednesday 9th May 2013

Things are hotting up at Blackpool Newton Hall indoor bowls club as it gets ready to welcome 16 of Europe’s top Indoor bowls players this weekend.

Yes it’s the final weekend of the Professional Bowls Associations Tour Card event and by Sunday night we will know who the two players are who will received the ‘Golden Tickets’ into all the World Bowls Tour ranking events for 2013/14 season.

Some of Europe’s finest will be on show this weekend 10th to the 12th May  – and entry is FREE for all three days of competition including the finals on Sunday evening.

The PBA tour has gone the length and breadth of the UK with qualifiers and supported by the Co-operative Funeral Care again is going from strength to strength. Eight tour card winners meet 8 individual event qualifiers to fight it out in the circus ring which is Blackpool Newton Hall Indoor bowls club. The TV riggers and set crew are setting the scene for the weekend as you read this. And what a treat we have in store.

So what delights have we coming to Partington’s premier site? Well International and National Title winners abound so come and take a look this weekend. The games kick off from 10am Friday Morning and the finals are scheduled for 6pm Sunday.

Who will take the golden tickets? Will it be one of the young guns? Matt Whyers from Boston, Adam White from Charton Park, Daniel Gough from Severn Valley Wales, Graeme Sloan From Dunbarton, Scott Edwards from Preston  or popular Irish Man Gary Kelly from Belfast?

Or will regular names pick up the challenge? Danny Dennison from Torquay, Phil Last from Ipswich, Mark Harding from Cardiff, Neil Smith from Westlecot, Brett Arkley from Stanley, Danny Brown from Lincoln, Robert Gordon from Lanarkshire or Stephen Roberts from Carlisle?

Or will it be the bookies favorites Billy Jackson from Lincoln and Gary Smith from Stanley take those tickets.

It will be all eyes on center stage from Friday morning – so roll up and get a ring side seat and enjoy the ride.



Hope you have enjoyed the new blog and the coverage from Lincoln - please let us know if you have and we may be able to do something direct for the PBA.

Thanks for your support. - The next blog will be from the Tour Card finals at Blackpool Newton Hall from Friday 10th May.


Danny Brown from Lincoln books a place in the Co-Operative Funeralcare International Open in Feb 2014 at Blackpool Newton Hall and also bags the final place in the tourcard play off at Blackpool next week where they will face Danny Dennison in the first round.

Final - Danny Brown v Matthew Orrey 1-11 6-5 2-1

Tie Break

Danny nails it with his second bowl - Matt clips it out with his third but Danny still holds - Matt last bowl draws and its an umpire measure. First end to Matt.

Two touchers from Matt at the second end - leave Danny having to try and shake things up - hits with his last and takes Matts shot out 1-1

Last end and Danny nails it with his first - Matt fails and the Lincoln Man joins his friend Billy Jackson by qualifying for a WBT an event at Lincoln this weekend and will both be at Blackpool together but in opposite halves of the draw for the tour cards!!

Second Set

Matt leads a front toucher - Danny plays a runner with his last bowl and gets the jack clean to pick up a 2 - score 2-0 after 1 end.

Umpire on to long tape a jack length - jack is a length and after four bowls Danny holds three with one to come from Matt - Matt saves one and the score is 4-0 after 2 ends.

Another minimum jack and Danny plants his first two on the jack - score 6-0 after 3 ends.

1 to Matt - score 6-1 after 4 ends.

A tight bowls head at the 5th end leaves Matt picking up a 2 and staying in the second set - score 6-3 after 5.

Matt holds 2 after 2 bowls each - finish of end - one to Matt - score 6-4 after 6

Final end of second set  - after 2 bowls each Matt holds one - last bowl from Mattpunches into head but not enough - one to Matt and we have a tie break - score 6-5 second set.

First Set - 0-4 after 1 end - Matt gets off to a blinder

Danny held two and Matt strikes and clears them out then Danny draws to a moved jack - score 1-4 after 2

After tight opening gambits Danny plays a runner with a bad result and Matt makes the most of it picking up a 3 - score 1-7 after 3

After 2 bowls each Matt holds 1 - no change after 3 bowls - Matt tips the jack with his fourth to hold 2 with one bowl from Danny to come - No change - score 1-9 after 4

Matt leads a back toucher - Danny misses with three runners - First set over score 1-11

Winner books a place in the Co-Operative Funeralcare International Open in Feb 2014 at Blackpool Newton Hall and also bags the final place in the tourcard play off at Blackpool next week where they will face Danny Dennison in the first round.

Semi - Finals

Ross Owen v Danny Brown - 5-5 2-7 - The Lincoln man takes his place in the final. Can he make it a Lincoln double and repeat his friend Billy Jacksons qualifying result of yesterday?

Les Gillett v Matthew Orrey - 4-7 5-4


Andy Ware v Ross Owen - 3-9 2-6, Jake Willgress v Danny Brown - 2-9 2-10

Les Gillett v Jane Squires - 2-8 11-0 2-1, Mathew Orrey v  Tim Stone - 4-4 7-3

Last 16

Andy Ware v Luke Stanley 13-0 10-0, Ross Owen v Thomas Segolo 7-2 4-4

Jake Willgress v Philip Dixon 7-3 6-2, David Kingdon v Danny Brown 5-9 4-6

Les Gillett v Robert Elmore 9-5 8-2, Keith Gates v Jane Squires 3-9 3-7

Mathew Orrey v Mark Jones 5-4 8-2, David Bolt v Tim Stone  6-7 7-2 0-2


Co-Operative Funeralcare International Open Lincoln Qualifiers Last 32

Andy Ware v Luke Stanley, Ross Owen v Thomas Segolo

Jake Willgress v Philip Dixon, David Kingdon v Danny Brown

Les Gillett v Gary Smith 12-1 12-4, Robert Elmore v Henry Frost  10-0 6-6

Keith Gates v James Whyte 8-3 7-4, Billy Jackson V Jane Squires 5-7 8-3 0-2

Mathew Orrey v Mark Dawes 5-7 8-6 2-1, Mark Jones V Dilwyn Jones 6-4 7-2

Adje Seffers v David Bolt 0-15 4-9, Jason Hart V Tim Stone 1-7 6-5 0-2



Winner - Billy Jackson

David Bolt v Billy Jackson 2-7 2-8

First end 2 to Jackson 0-2, Second end Jackson holds 4 with one wood to come.

One to Jackson 0-3, Third end Bolt draws shot to the re-spot - 1-3

The Lincoln Man picks up a 2 at the 4th end - 1-5, Then a 1 1-6 after 5 ends

David keeps himself in the first set by picking up a 1 - score is 2-6, Can he pick up a four at the last end?

David held a three but Billy Drew shot - first set to the Lincoln man.

Set 2 - First end to Bolt - 1-0

Second end Jackson held shot and with his last bowl went to chip Bolts bowl to make a three - gets it too hard and drops a 1

Bolt 2-0 at 2 ends, Three ends 2-1,  Fourth end Jackson picks up a 2 - score 2-3 to The Lincon Man, Jackson is starting to power away - picking up a 2 - the score is now, Bolt 2 Jackson 5 at five ends

Six ends and game over and World Ranked 22 Billy Jackson takes his place in the Scottish International Open.

The winner of todays Final at Lincoln will go direct into the Co-Opeartive Funeralcare Scottish International Open held in Perth and also sets up a first round tie against Daniel Gough at the Tour Card finals at Blackpool with the chance of a Tour Card which would give them entry into all the WBT ranking tournaments of 2013/14.

Pick your winner - Game on!!

David Bolt v Billy Jackson - Can the days man in form Bolt beat Local Hero Jackson??

Semi Finals:

Who can call from the four Semi finalists - all playing well today - interesting stuff here at Lincoln!

Les Gillett v David Bolt - 5-8 7-6 0-2 A spectacular game where ends changed with every bowl.

Billy Jackson v Ross Owen 0-8 5-4 2-1 - Went down to the last bowl of the last end of the tie break - local man just seeing Ross run the jack to his own bowl.


Quarter final line up:

Les Gillett v Steven Mead 2-9 9-0  2-1 - last bol of Les ran jack into ditch and unbeatable - shake hands and Les through!!

David Bolt v Danny Brown 7-1 7-3

Billy Jackson v Jake Willgress 10-1 4-5 2-1 Local hero Billy takes out last years winner in a tense game!

Ross Owen v Kevin Rands 8-2 9-0


Last 16 scores as they go:

Les Gillett v Ray Cutting 10-4 10-1, Steven Mead v Jason Hart 6-2 7-6

Mark Dawes v David Bolt 7-7 1-7 - Great game to watch with Mark picking up a three on last end of first set to get the draw.

Danny Brown v Tim Stone 3-12 8-2 2-1 - With a roar with his last bowl at the last end of the tie break - local hero Danny clinches his place in the quarters.

Billy Jackson v David Kingdon 12-2 9-2, Lee Calver v Jake Willgress  6-3 5-6 0-2 Defending Scottish Lincoln Qualifier Jake wins this nail biting game in the tie break to move into the quarterfinals.

Craig Newton v Ross Owen 3-8 3-8 - close game with the Welsh man just getting over the line in both sets. James Segolo v Kevin Rands 2-11 2-9


Andrew Ware v Billy Jackson 1-6 10-3 0-2, Edward Elmore v David Kingdon 0-7 9-4 0-2, Lee Calver v W/O, Henry Frost v Jake Willgress 2-10 6-6, Craig Newton v Jonathan Queripel 9-2 7-2, Keith Gates v Ross Owen 3-7 3-7, Nicholas Orry v James Segolo 6-4 5-7 0-2, W/O Kevin Rands


PBA Lincoln

A Day of not too many surprises but some excellent games at Lincoln. Tomorrow sees the race to win the first available place at Lincoln in the Tour card finals at Blackpool Newton Hall and a direct place into the Co-Operative Funeralcare Scottish International Open held in Perth in November. And what games we have in store – in the last 16 we already have Mark Dawes playing David Bolt and Danny Brown playing Tim Stone – interesting stuff.

All the scores – game by game – keep watching!


Co-Operative Funeralcare International Open Lincoln Qualifiers Last 32

Andy Ware v Luke Stanley

Ross Owen v Thomas Segolo

Jake Willgress v Philip Dixon

David Kingdon v Danny Brown


Les Gillett v Gary Smith

Robert Elmore v Henry Frost

Keith Gates v James Whyte

Billy Jackson V Jane Squires

Mathew Orrey v Mark Dawes

Mark Jones V Dilwyn Jones

Adje Seffers v David Bolt

Jason Hart V Tim Stone


Co-Operative Funeralcare International Open Lincoln Qualifiers Last 32

Andy Ware v Raymond Cutting - 5-4 6-6

Luke Stanley v Edward Elmore - 7-7 6-3

Ross Owen W/O

Thomas Segolo v Brenda Barlow - 8-3 7-3

Jake Willgress v W/O

Norma Duin v Philip Dixon - 2-8 3-13

Ian Finch v David Kingdon - 1-6 0-15

Danny Brown v Kevin Rands - 6-5 10-3

Les Gillett v Gary Smith –  Les and Gary meet again for another hum dinger no doubt!!

Robert Elmore v Henry Frost

Keith Gates v James Whyte

Billy Jackson V Jane Squires

Mathew Orrey v Mark Dawes

Mark Jones V Dilwyn Jones

Adje Seffers v David Bolt

Jason Hart V Tim Stone


Saturdays Games in the

Co-Operative Funeralcare Scottish International Open


Les Gillett v  Ray Cutting

 Steven Mead v Jason Hart

 Mark Dawes v David Bolt

 Danny Brown v Tim Stone


 Andrew Ware v Billy Jackson

 Edward Elmore v David Kingdon

 Lee Calver v W/O

 Henry Frost v Jake Willgress

 Craig Newton v Jonathan Queripel

Keith Gates v Ross Owen

 Nicholas Orry v James Segolo

 John Webster v Kevin Rands


Saturdays Games in the Co-Operative Funeralcare Scottish International Open

Les Gillett v  Ray Cutting,  Steven Mead v Jason Hart,  Mark Dawes v David Bolt,  Danny Brown v Tim Stone


 Andrew Ware v Billy Jackson,  Edward Elmore v David Kingdon,  Lee Calver v W/O,  Henry Frost v Jake Willgress,  Craig Newton v Jonathan Queripel, Keith Gates v Ross Owen,  Nicholas Orry v James Segolo,  John Webster v Kevin Rands


Co-Operative Funeralcare Scottish International Open Qualifier

 Les Gillett v Gary Smith - 6-6 9-3,  Phil Dixon v Ray Cutting - 6-4 5-7 1-2

 Steven Mead v Phillip Carpenter - 6-4 9-1, Jason Hart v Norma Duin - 9-3 6-2

 Craig Joseph v Mark Dawes - 1-10 1-11 - Mark is in awsome form at moment.

 David Bolt v Ian Finch - 4-5 10-1 2-1,  Brenda Barlow v Danny Brown - 2-8 3-6

 Jane Squires v Tim Stone - 3-6 5-4 0-2,  Andrew Ware v Billy Jackson

 Edward Elmore v David Kingdon,  Lee Calver v W/O,  Henry Frost v Jake Willgress,  Craig Newton v Jonathan Queripel, Keith Gates v Ross Owen,  Nicholas Orry v James Segolo,  John Webster v Kevin Rands